Where’s the heavy stuff?

I’ve kept most of my heavier stuff from my younger days off-line because it does contain mature subject matter and I want to find the best way to secure the files behind a parental control style firewall. As an alternative, I may start working on more complex metal instrumentals. I don’t want to wait too long before I’m totally decrepit. Stay tuned.

Video news

I’m debating on what material to use for the next batch of videos. The videos appear exclusively at first on my Facebook musician page, to get initial feedback and stats.  I might release one of the heavier pieces but I doubt it. Maybe some of the more silly stuff from the archives. I also should release a current performance of a well-known song. Any ideas?



Archive news

I am currently working on bringing back on-line the music archive with material going back to 1978. Most of the tapes are now out of storage. I am working on the best method to take the old Tascam 4 track recordings into a the digital formats. My multi track machines no longer function properly and I don’t think it’s worth trying to get them repaired. So I have to rely on my hi-fi cassette players and record some the tracks backwards to a DAW and use it’s tools to both reverse the track and correct the speed. Takes time. I do have some older .mp3 versions which I will post until I can complete the re-digitizing process.


Songs update

Currently working on several songs – a pop song in a slight R&B groove, a thrash metal instrumental in a Motorhead vain, a gypsy swing instrumental, and a poppy do-wop thing.