An awesome computer indeed

I am the proud owner of a 56 year old computer that still runs. Sure, it’s circuits misfire occasionally and there are aĀ few bad sectors to be found in data storage. Indexing needs to be constantly rebuilt. Still, it boots up every day , runsĀ services automatically with consistency, and accepts new updates without much issue even after several adjustments to the core operating system over the years. It even survivedĀ oneĀ  complete emergency shutdown in 2015. Much love and gratitude to my favorite computer of all time – my brain.

Stephen Hawking’s Bucket List

Physicist Stephen Hawking is everywhere these days. It’s almost like he’s doing the Bucket List thing – 1) warn Earth about invitingĀ invading aliens, 2) support new initiative and raise millions for new ways to search for the aliens that will be invited to invade us, and 3) predict that weĀ need to leave Earth – most likely due to the previously invited invading aliens.


Where’s the heavy stuff?

I’ve kept most of my heavier stuff from my younger days off-line because it does contain mature subject matter and I want to find the best way to secure the files behind a parental control style firewall. As an alternative, I may start working on more complex metal instrumentals. I don’t want to wait too long before I’m totally decrepit. Stay tuned.